my name is kair welcome to jackass
i like to draw ponies so i'll be posting art every now and again. this isn't, however, strictly an art blog, so expect text posts and art reblogs every once in awhile.
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ps i dyed my hair purple

ps i dyed my hair purple

29 notes · #self #modpic #im actually too lazy to take a different picture than the one i posted on my main blog so w/e
  1. ask-holometa said: so purple! :D
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  4. thiscontainsstuff said: oooh it’s like two tone, that’s really awesome looking!
  5. thetoastwiththemost said: I really wanna touch it tho
  6. lithykat said: oh my goodness I love your hair <3!
  7. nimbleartblog said: o3o shiny!~
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