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Priority Commission info

Okay so this is going to be at least a bit different than my original commission info for various reasons, most importantly the fact that I’ve come up pretty short this month when it comes to money. Josh’s hours have been docked because he took off sick with strep throat, and his employers will not be reasoned with.

All of that nonsense aside.. Some of these prices are lowered.

All commissions are pony related. OC’s and canons are okay. Posing is up to you.

Sketch (fairly clean): $1

Colored sketch: $2

Clean lineart (black) : $3

Colored lines (Not a full colored piece. Just colored LINES. Colorful lineart.): $3.50

Lineart+ Flat color: $4

Lineart+full shade: $5

Painted headshot (simple) $7

Painted bust (Simple) $9

Painted full body (Simple) $11

Painted headshot (Complex) $13

Painted bust ( Complex) $15

Painted full body (Complex) $20

OC Ref sheet (Includes lined and flat color 3/4 view headshot, and full body lined+ flat color side view, as well as cutie mark ref and labeled color swatches): $15

NSFW: Add $2 per character to original price

Additional characters: Talk to me

SIMPLE backgrounds upon request.

I’ll take three or four at a time, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do your commission, it just means I’ll have you wait a bit so I can be sure I can get it done in a timely manner without having you wait a million years.

Can stream upon request if I am available to do so.

If you don’t want to commission me but still want to help out, feel free to reblog this and/or direct people looking for this sort of thing my way.

There is also a donation button on my blog but I am by no means advising you to just give me money I would much rather draw for you because swallowing my pride hurts.

Anyhow, thanks for reading this wall of a post, hope you have a great day.


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