my name is kair welcome to jackass
i like to draw ponies so i'll be posting art every now and again. this isn't, however, strictly an art blog, so expect text posts and art reblogs every once in awhile.
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yeah c’mon do it nerd
i have so much less computer time here than i did at my moms house augh

Isn’t Pinkie just the cutest?

ive been really busy lately abbgbdk im gonna draw a lot of stuff soon probably i swear


did u know that im a fairy princess bcus i am
solar-storm-story: Vodka vodka Boris Eltsyn cha cha cha

cha cha CHA

mortikie said: Vodka with cranberry, great stuff. Never had the Pineapple upside down shots though

its one part vanilla vodka, two parts pineapple juice, and about three or four drops of grenadine. it really does taste like pineapple upside down cake and its very neat looking because the grenadine sits at the bottom giving it a split look

mortikie: Speaking of drinking, what's your favorite drink?

recently its vodka and cranberry, tied with pineapple upside down cake shots

bloggin from the bar like a tru adult

solar-storm-story: Why not get it tattooed on both buttcheeks? Das be yo quti mak

tru that


an attempt was made